Storybook: Care on the Ballot

Battleground voters support candidates who put care first in key battleground states and districts. In our new storybook, voters share how lowering the cost of care is driving their vote choice.

The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare a reality that American families have been grappling with for decades: Our economy is not set up to support working families. Too often, a lack of paid family and medical leave and the high cost of things like prescription drugs, child care and elder care force working Americans to make the impossible choice between caring for their families and paying the bills. This is not a choice that hardworking people should have to make.

The Family Friendly Action PAC is working to educate voters about where candidates in their state stand on these critical issues. We have teams in Georgia, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin who talk to voters on a daily basis about what candidates will do to lower costs and improve the lives of hardworking people. Based on these conversations, we know that care issues are poised to play a pivotal role in elections this November.

The stories below illustrate how important a candidate’s positions on care issues are to battleground voters in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.