Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy PAC Statement on President Biden’s FY 2025 Budget Proposal


March 12, 2024

Press Contact:

WASHINGTON Regarding the release of President Biden’s FY 2025 budget proposal, Sondra Goldschein, executive director of the Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy PAC (CFFE PAC) released the following statement:   

“President Biden knows that America is made up of working families, and that when working families have what they need, America is stronger. His proposed budget reflects that core belief and represents a historic commitment to the kitchen table issues that matter most to voters, with $325 billion allocated for paid family and medical leave, $150 billion to increase access to care for the aging and disabled, $424 billion to make child care more affordable, and $200 billion to establish a universal pre-K program. 

“This budget proposal builds on President Biden’s strong record of supporting working parents and America’s families. Already, the Biden-Harris Administration has lowered prescription drug costs, achieved the lowest child poverty rate in American history through the expanded Child Tax Credit, and lowered child care costs by $1,250 per child. This record is why CFFE PAC is investing $40 million to help elect President Biden and Democrats in battleground states who will prioritize family budgets over Republicans’ extremist agendas.”

The president announced his budget proposal soon after his March 7th State of the Union, a speech that made it very clear that the Biden-Harris administration will fight for working families and drew a strong contrast with Donald Trump and the GOP. Read CFFEs PAC’s statement on President Biden’s State of the Union here


CFFE PAC is dedicated to improving the lives of working families. In 2022, CFFE PAC ran a $13.5 million voter contact program communicating with voters about where candidates stand on policies that lower the cost of prescription drugs, ensure paid family and medical leave, and provide affordable elder and child care.