Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy PAC Commends President Biden’s SOTU Commitment to Working Families 

Biden Rightly Focuses on Kitchen Table Issues Like Paid Leave, Lowering Prescription Drug Costs, Home Care, and Expanded Child Tax Credits 


March 7, 2024

Press Contact:

WASHINGTON – The Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy PAC (CFFE PAC) tonight applauds President Biden’s prioritization of family budgets and kitchen table economic issues in his State of the Union address.

“Tonight we heard a commitment from the President to prioritize the kitchen table issues that impact the daily lives of working families across America. From ensuring paid family leave, to lowering the cost of prescription drugs, to expanding the Child Tax Credit, to improving home health care, we are proud to see the president focusing on the issues that CFFE PAC is mobilizing around every day,” said Sondra Goldschein, Executive Director of the Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy PAC. “President Biden’s focus on the issues that will make life easier for working families draws a stark contrast to Donald Trump and Republicans’ extremist agendas, which include giving tax breaks to the rich and banning abortion. This is exactly why our organizers are hitting the pavement every single day in battleground states to engage and mobilize voters for President Biden and Democrats who have American families’ backs.”

“Amy Gomez, a New Hampshire mother of six and supporter of CFFE PAC, was in attendance tonight as a guest of Representative Chris Pappas. Parents like her are the reason CFFE PAC ramped up our electoral program this year with a historic $40-million investment. Amy is an advocate for an expanded Child Tax Credit because it helped her keep food on the table and pay off medical bills when her family needed it the most. While MAGA extremists ignore voters like Amy, Democrats are working to make life easier, not harder, for millions of Americans.”

CFFE PAC’s $40 million 2024 electoral investment supports candidates who champion policies that prioritize family budgets, including affordable child care, paid leave, and lower-cost prescription drugs, over Republican extremist agendas. The program’s initial investments are focused on races in six key battleground states: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Hampshire, Georgia, and Montana. This unprecedented investment supports robust door-to-door field programs, relational organizing, and paid advertising and mail in critically important races. 


CFFE PAC is dedicated to improving the lives of working families. In 2022, CFFE PAC ran a $13.5 million voter contact program communicating with voters about where candidates stand on policies that lower the cost of prescription drugs, ensure paid family and medical leave, and provide affordable elder and child care.