Who We Are

The Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy is a national organization dedicated to advancing a family friendly economic agenda. The Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy includes the Family Friendly Action Fund and CFFE PAC, as well as state teams working to pass family friendly policies and elect family friendly candidates.

We started the Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy, a project of the Family Friendly Action Fund, because we believe:

  • Nobody should have to choose between making a living and caring for themselves or their family.
  • Economic policies that will make families’ lives easier are popular with the majority of Americans, but we need to elect new lawmakers to pass these policies.

We started the CFFE PAC because we believe:

  • Candidates need to hear directly from voters during elections about the economic issues that matter most in their lives.


  • Carrie from New Hampshire

    I am a single mother of three girls, one of whom experiences down syndrome and has significant medical needs. We have often struggled to find the care that she needs. Once Katie entered full-time kindergarten, I still needed to find after school care for her. Now that she’s older, she qualifies for in-home support. She…

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  • Aaron from Arizona

    Aaron is father of an amazing six year old daughter, a veteran of the United States Army- serving his country through two deployments to Afghanistan, and a school board member of Phoenix Union school district. Aaron also founded a veteran led mobilization and voter outreach organization, Vets Forward. From his time deployed, Aaron understands the…

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  • Terrence from Virginia

    In 2011, Terrence’s wife Tracy was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer. The aggressive treatment left Tracy unable to work, so Terrence became the sole supporter for the couple and their young son. While Tracy’s cancer could be treated to prolong her life, Terrence and Tracy knew she would never be “cured,” because of how advanced…

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  • Saskia from Wisconsin

    Saskia has been a type-1 diabetic for more than 18 years. She relies on daily insulin injections to stay alive. She’s experienced firsthand the dramatic costs of life-saving medication compared to other countries.

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