Following the release of President Biden’s budget proposal today, Sondra Goldschein, executive director of the Family Friendly Action PAC, released the following statement

“Working families are feeling the squeeze of high prices. Today, President Biden reiterated that he is dedicated to addressing this and providing families with the tools and opportunities they need to build a better life by including critical care policies in his budget proposal. The Biden budget represents the strongest budget proposal for a comprehensive federal paid family and medical leave program in history. It would also reduce the cost of prescription drugs like insulin and dedicate funding to child care as well as aging and disability care, critical policies that will improve the lives of hardworking families.”

“President Biden’s budget would raise the revenue necessary to implement care policies by guaranteeing ultra wealthy corporations and individuals pay their fair share in taxes. This emphasis on ensuring the wealthiest corporations and individuals pay their fair share reinforces a fundamental truth: Democrats are on the side of reducing costs for working families. In order to ensure that the full vision of the Biden budget becomes a reality in the years ahead, we need to continue to elect leaders who will prioritize care policies.”

New data released today confirms that proposals to invest in care and lower costs for families are incredibly popular: 

  • 87 percent of Americans support a proposal to create more affordable child care options for all families, including a majority who strongly support this proposal (53 percent). 
  • 82 percent of Americans support expanding family and medical leave for all workers, including 48 percent who strongly support this proposal. 

The Family Friendly Action PAC is dedicated to improving the lives of working families. In 2022, the Family Friendly Action PAC ran a $13.5 million voter contact program across Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, and New Hampshire, communicating with voters about where candidates stand on policies that lower the cost of prescription drugs, ensure paid family and medical leave, and provide affordable elder and child care.