Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy PAC Applauds Biden Campaign’s Commitment to Care Issues, a Stark Contrast with Trump Campaign’s Deafening Silence

WASHINGTON A new Associated Press story out today dives into President Biden’s steadfast commitment to lowering costs for working families by prioritizing care economy issues, quoting a campaign spokesperson confirming that “bolstering the care economy will be central to the president’s pitch to voters.” The piece also mentions that “[t]he Trump campaign did not respond to requests for comment, and Trump has not focused on care economy issues as he runs for another term.”

In response to the two presidential campaigns’ starkly different approaches to the care economy and prioritizing working families, Sondra Goldschein, executive director of the Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy PAC (CFFE PAC), released the following statement: 

“The Biden-Harris Administration has stood up for working families at every turn, making good on their promises to reduce the cost of child care, elder care and prescription drugs through historic investments including more than $40 billion in emergency child care relief, implementing Medicare prescription drug negotiation, and expanding the Child Tax Credit. In contrast, Trump did nothing to address these issues as president, and could not even be bothered to articulate a position on care policies when asked. This should surprise no one given that Trump and his colleagues in the Republican party are more focused on pushing extremist agendas than lowering costs for families.  

The stakes in November are extraordinary, and voters are listening. CFFE PAC is working from now until November to make sure voters in battleground states know that Joe Biden and Democrats have their backs, while Trump and his Republican colleagues will only let them down.”


The Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy PAC (CFFE PAC) is fighting for a future where all people can afford to care for themselves and their loved ones. In 2022, CFFE PAC ran a $13.5 million program communicating with voters about where candidates stand on policies that lower the cost of prescription drugs, ensure paid family and medical leave, and provide affordable elder and child care. In 2020, CFFE PAC spent almost $18 million on a program in support of Joe Biden and U.S. Senate candidates that spanned Wisconsin, Michigan, Maine, Iowa, Montana, Virginia, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Florida and Georgia.