Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy PAC Announces Historic $40 Million Electoral Program to Elect Leaders Who Put Family Budgets Over Extremist Agendas

Program will support President Joe Biden and Democrats in battleground states to elect candidates who support policies that help working families.

WASHINGTON D.C. – February 12, 2024 – Today, the Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy PAC (CFFE PAC) announced the launch of a $40 million 2024 electoral campaign, with initial investments focused on races in six key battleground states: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Hampshire, Georgia, and Montana. This unprecedented investment will support robust door-to-door field programs, relational organizing, and paid advertising and mail in critically important races. CFFE PAC’s political program supports candidates who champion policies that prioritize family budgets including paid leave, quality child care, and affordable prescription drugs over Republican extremist agendas. 

“CFFE PAC is proud to make a historic investment to elect candidates who will fight for the policies that American families overwhelmingly support and need,” said Sondra Goldschein, Executive Director of the Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy PAC. “We are running one of the largest field campaigns in the nation and our state teams are already hitting the ground running by knocking doors, listening to people’s stories, and showing voters that Democrats, led by President Biden, are the ones who actually have their backs.”

CFFE PAC will invest in supporting candidates who will fight for common sense, family-sustaining economic policies that a bipartisan majority of Americans overwhelmingly support. While Republican extremists are focused on advancing unpopular agendas that strip women and families of their rights and economic opportunities, CFFE PAC is persuading and turning out voters to elect Democrats that will lower costs and provide people with the tools to build a good life. 

“CFFE PAC has proven that when candidates champion kitchen-table issues and make an economic argument to persuade and turn out voters, they win,” added Goldschein. “CFFE PAC’s $500,000 program in the 2023 Virginia elections helped flip the Virginia House of Delegates and defend the Democratic majority in the state Senate, protecting working families and women from Glenn Youngkin’s extremist agenda. We have the ability to engage voters on the issues that matter most to them and send candidates who champion paid leave, abortion access, quality child care, and affordable prescription drugs to Washington to fight for us.”    

In 2020, the Family Friendly Action PAC spent almost $18 million on a voter contact program in support of Joe Biden and U.S. Senate candidates that spanned Wisconsin, Michigan, Maine, Iowa, Montana, Virginia, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Georgia. The robust program made nearly 16 million voter contact attempts, engaging voters about economic issues and successfully electing candidates who fought for family friendly policies at the federal level.


CFFE PAC is dedicated to improving the lives of working families. In 2022, CFFE PAC ran a $13.5 million voter contact program communicating with voters about where candidates stand on policies that lower the cost of prescription drugs, ensure paid family and medical leave, and provide affordable elder and child care.